Cooling crossroads

Like the title says I'm at a crossroads with my Duster. Its a mild 340 but at .060 over now it runs hot.

It had the a/c 8 blade water pump, Mr.Gasket 180deg t-stat, water wetter, New Viscous Fan package, shroud and the rad was recently checked a cleaned.

The issue is traffic. On a hot day I cringe at the sight of traffic. The car will run 180-185 down the highway in 90deg heat but the first read light sees 200 in a heartbeat and 205 if the light is more then 5min long. I've never seen what happens after that and didn't want to.

I see my options as this:

Pusher fan in front of current setup to help

Having my current 3-core rad recored with larger tubes -rad shop says it will help-

Aluminum rad with existing fan and shroud

Aluminum rad with a Mattson style electric fans and shroud.
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