Cool woes persist

My 70 has a cooling problem and I don't know where to start with it. I can cruise along at 60-70 MPH and it doesn't go above 195 deg. There is a light in town that about two miles before it I have to slow down to 35 MPH before I get to it. I sit at the light, no problem, I cruise through town at 30 MPH and it stays cool (varies between 180-195 deg.). However, on my way back home I was cruising at 70 MPH and it stayed stable at 195 (this was for about 4 miles) until I pulled into my driveway, in a matter of 20 feet from the road to my shop door it jumped from 195 to 210 deg. Car has a mild 360, standard water pump, 50/50 mix, repro 340 rad, and a Flex-a-lite repro clutch fan and clutch (about 3/4 inch from the rad). I have an external cooler for the tranny, but it is mounted on separate brackets about 4 inches ahead of the radiator. Any ideas?

Author: admin