Competition series-625 CFM

So I was digging around boxes and milk crates of stuff that I got with my car, looking for a new E-brake handle that I knew I had seen in there.(the one on my car is busted)

I found it, but also found this carb at the bottom of a milk crate...

I am running a 600 cfm holley double pumer on a edlebrock LD340, on my stock 340 with a purple cam.

So I have it in my head now that I am going to rebuild this carb... for fun, for the experience, to see whats going on inside a carb..

Two start with..

is it something I can tackle myself with patience and a rebuild kit designed for this carb?

also, if I am sucessful in rebuilding it, would it work with my intake? and is there any pros/cons over the carb i got on the car?



I tried to add pictures, but i exceed the limit by like 8kb????
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