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I wanted to offer some assistance to anyone with a 67 car or earlier, and also make sure everyone was aware of the Chrysler Historical Collection services.
The website and some of the services available are listed below.

With the help of a few FABO members, books, internet, and the purchase of a 67 Barracuda, I have had the opportunity to educate myself on the build card, the fender tag, codes, options, etc.

What I can offer is assistance with:
- decoding a fender tag.
- decoding a build card.
- I can create a readable build card from the copy that Chrysler mails to you.
- I can recreate a missing fender tag- to be clear, not in metal, but what yours should look like.

What I am looking for in return is any copies of the following from the same car:
- buildsheets for a 67 Chrysler, preferably a Barracuda.
- pics of the corresponding fender tag.
- a copy of the corresponding build card.

A few key points;
1) I am not an expert at this.
2) I have focused all of my efforts on the 67 model year.
3) THERE ARE NO BUILD CARDS AVAILABLE FROM CHRYSLER AFTER 1967, (a fire destroyed the records).
4) The 68 fender tag and buildsheet are very similar, 69 forward is different and I have no experience with these.

I am trying to recreate my mouse shreaded build sheet, and learn a little more in the process.

Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation:

Owner's and Service Manuals: 1915 - 1990
Production Numbers
Build Records:
  • U.S. - Built Trucks from 1930 - 1950
  • U.S. - Built Cars from 1930 - 1967

Last thing, just to clarify the different documents.
We all know what a fender tag looks like, but I just wanted to put it in as it is different then the 69 and up.
The next pic is the IBM build card. This was used to make the fender tag and the build sheets.
The last pic is a build sheet.

Please pm me if you can help.

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