chrysler 383

I have two chrysler 383 motors for sale. they both are complete, one is just stock with chrome valve covers and ill let that go for 300.00

the second isnt anything close to stock! well except the heads! but it has the carter carb sitting on the edelbrock 383 torker intake the pistons i do believe are weisco (wise co) and i cant quote what brand the cam and the rest of the inside is. and ill let it go for 600.00 now if you want both motors ill hook you up with a deal both for 700.00 cash the only reason im giving up my motors is because ive recently became a victim of a carnapping! So i guess if you do see a 62 300H painted house of colors viper blue sitting on 20's call me at 925-335-9197 Im located in the bay area here in cal and have the week off so if you want one or both email me at or call me at the posted number and ask for gary!
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