Check out my new car!!!

Just picked this up last weekend. It is a 75 Duster 225/6 auto. I got it off my brother for 1000$. When I was down there I allso picked up my 72 Demon parts car. My brother has all ready started to convert it over to a 72 Demon So the front is done. But the only thing usable on the rear of the parts car was the Bumper mounts and the tail lights. So I need to get some parts for that befor I can finish it as a Demon.

My plan is to dirve it and fix it up as I go. One day I would like to turn it in to a BB drag car. So I will be doing some of thouse mods as well.

Will take more pic's when I get home to night. And will be starting a thread in the members restoration forum as soon as I get the Demon tore apart and cut up.


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