Centerline 15×12, 15×8.5 & 15×3.5

I have a few Centerline Auto Drags available. They are all in very good shape with no damage to the edges/no curb rash. I will load images tomorrow and will also doublecheck all back spacings.

(2) Polished 15x12s, 4.5" BP, 5" BS.
-Centerlines new are $460/pr. Asking: $295/pr or BO.

(2) Natural 15x8.5s, 4.5" BP, 4.5-4.875" BS.
-Come mounted w/a pair of ProTrac 50s with nearly 90% of their tread left.
-Centerlines new are $370/pr. Asking: $225/pr or BO for centerlines or $300 or BO for both wheels & tires.

(2) Natural 15x3.5s, 4.5" BP.
-Come with tires mounted but they have seen better days.
-Centerlines new are $340/pr. Asking: $195/pr or BO.

(2) Natural 15x3.5s, 4.5" & 4 3/4" BP (multi-lug).
-Come with tires mounted that still have life in them.
-Centerlines new are $340/pr. Asking: $195/pr or BO.

All wheels/tires are located in the SF Bay Area, CA. I am willing to ship via UPS, USPS or Greyhound. If someone buys a larger pair along with a pair of front runners, I will try and combine them (if at all possible) to save on shipping. I can also bring them to Spring Fling if you want to throw in a little for gas. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Since my FABO mailbox fills up rather quickly, you can also email me at:
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