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2822963 wiper motor 2 speed park bench test

I am looking for a wiper motor bench test that covers the park circuit. I have a 2822963 2 speed, 3 wire wiper motor out of a 67 GTX that doesn’t park. I know these motors made it into A bodies as well. Not to waste anyone’s time I can confirm the foll…

No spark no start!

Hey all, I’m having a problem with my 1979 Chrysler Lebaron I call Lebron.
I understand this is the A Body forum but you guys are alway brilliantly versed in electrical gremlins.
this old car sat for 15 years and was set to be towed off and scrapped….

Testing Wiper Switch Continuity

I’m trying to test the wiper switch for the ’68 Dart variable speed wiper motor. Pictured are the instrucstions from the shop manual. As I understand "continuity", a "0" reading on the ohmmeter indicates no continuity, i.e. no conne…

73 Duster Turn Signal Switch

I’m working on my 73 Duster. The car came with factory cruise control and column shift. I purchased a rebuilt steering column without the column shift because I moved the shifter to the floor.

When the battery is hooked up the flashers blink. You can’…

Hyperspark and Sniper

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking at the Sniper kit for a while, I was trying to get the full set up however, I cannot find the Hyperspark kit in stock tried calling Holley and no luck, even Summit say they wont have it until sometime in May. Anyothe…

Charged battery, but doesn’t even try to start.

My wife’s been out of town with our primary vehicle all week so I’ve had the pleasure of being able to drive my duster a lot more. Unfortunately just now as I was trying to leave for work, I ran into a weird issue.

When I turn the key nothing happens…

Do new aftermarket ignition switches work?

I may need to replace the ignition switch in my ’70 Duster 340. A friend that restores Mopars told me the repop ignition switches are junk and are build wrong from the start, needing modification. Anyone out there to back this up? I really don’t wan…