Carb Insulator/Spacer!!!

I just installed a 1" high composite insulator under my Holley 4BBL........I had trouble with the gas 'boiling' and lousy performance after it warmed up......Spittin' poppin' when I nailed the throttle, and hard starts when it got hot.

I had to raise the cable clamp and spring perch a little to match it, then installed a new fuel line and insulated it where it came close to the rad hose.

Just took it out for the first time...........and I cannot BELIeVE the difference!!!!!
The throttle response is outrageous whether it's hot or not.......smoother, and easy starts when it's hot.

I cannot believe such a simple low-cost add-on could have such dramatic results!

My hat's off to the guys who suggested it (on this site, of course!).

Once again, FABO is the greatest, and so are it's members. :burnout::burnout:
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