Can you figure this out ?

I normally have crazy dreams, my doctor says it stems from my sleep apnea. I now sleep with a CPAP machine and my dreams seem to be better and less violent, but sometimes they are still just as crazy. Last night I had a dream I can't explain...maybe you guys can shed some light on it. In this dream I am driving a white '73 cadillac convertible with Jenilee Harrison (she replaced Suzanne summers on three's company). We are driving on a two lane highway when our car suddenly goes off the road into a ditch, as the mounties arrive on horseback, 2 dozen midgets (or little people...I don't mean any disrespect) come running out of the trunk. I am taken to prison and charged with smuggeling midgets across the border. What the hell does that mean ? I wasn't drinking or nothing...what do you guys think ?
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