Cam Choice

Hello guys. I was hoping you could give me a little guidance on what cam I should install in my '69 340. This is my first rebuild. Its a blast.

The 340 has been hot tanked and magnafluxed and has passed inspection. machinist says I can get away with .020 over bore. The crank survived and just need a polishing. The rods and caps are all Ok but the cap bolts should be replaced. The engine was in really good shape upon disassembly.
The J heads (2.02/1.60) have also been hot tanked and magnafluxed. I had them fitted with a set of Manley severe duty stainless valves and comp cams valve springs rated up to .530 lift(just in case). I will be using the stock type rocker arm assembly.
I am thinking of a set of 10.5:1 forged pistons(correct me if you think something else will work better) and was given a new M1 dual plane manifold.
The engine will go in my 69 Dart Custom(my sig picture).
The trans will be my 904 with a Trans-go kit and 2400 stall(suggestion please)
I also have a just rebuilt 8-3/4 with 3:91 Sure Grip(742 case).
Headers will be mandatory. The car already has a 2-1/2 in system and Flowmaster Super 40s.

So...what cam should i use. I'm old school and remember Racer Brown, Isky, Direct Connection and Crane were the big cam manufactures back in the day. I would like to use the most aggressive without it overheating or having to machine anything. And i don't want to use a roller assembly. But I want my car to snarl and haul ass. If I can get it to run 12 1/2 seconds every couple of months at the drag strip that would be a plus.
I truly am looking for your guidance and tell me if I am on the right track with my combination. I have not bought any parts except the head assembly stuff.

Thanks in advance. I know you will have good suggestions.

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