Burnt’s DustDemon build

This is a 75 Duster 225/auto car I am changing over to look like a 72 Demon. The front is all ready done. I just need a rear bumper and a tail light panel to finish the convershon.

My plan for the car is to just drive it for now while I fix it up a little bit at a time.

I would like to one day turn it in to a BB drag car. I was thinking some thing
like a 440 stroked to 500 or so with a 727/Dana 60 with 4.30's. But it is still up in the air as this is not going to happen for a long time. But I will still be doing some of the drag mods here and there as I go. Subbfram connectors, wheel tubs, Cage, ect...

Here are some pic's of what it looks like now. The last pic is of the 72 Demon parts car I am using for the convershon.

Go here to see pic's of my 70 340 Dart project car.

Thank you all for looking

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