Buildsheet found…

When I bought my 70 Road Runner 4 years ago I pulled the seats and found a perfect buildsheet under the front seat and one under the rear seat.The front seat had a Satellite buildsheet and the one in the rear seat was for a Road Runner 1 car off.I saw Moparts had a lost and found.So I put an add looking for my buildsheet about a year ago.I got a Email tonight the title said"Looking for RR buildsheet"
I opened it up all it said was "NO questions"and had an attachment of a buildsheet.I opened up the attachment and sure enough it was a little blurry but looked like my buildsheet ,I could make out the VIN.I sent a Email with my phone number and asked what I had to do to get the buildsheet from him.
He then sent me a Email and asked if I open it up to the attachment?I said yes and how can I get this buildsheet from you?I also gave him my phone number again.In both Emails he sent me he never even gave his name.I am hoping he will send me the buildsheet.And if he is a true Mopar Guy he will not charge me for it.Although I would be willing to pay him a little for it.I don't know but I do not have a warm and fuzzy feeling yet.No info in the Emails.Did not give me his name on either email.And I asked him twice how can I get the buildsheet from him and he has not gave me an answer yet.Well I have my fingers crossed the buildsheet should be with the car... Jim
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