Building a small block?

Hows it going everyone. Im new to this forum. Anyways I have a 72 340 demon which rite now has a basic 360 nothing special with about ten thousand miles on it. I was thinking about a crate motor but it seems like alot if the manufactuers do a great job but it seem like they start getting cheap on others. I have even looked at a few short blocks and they are almost 4k. My original idea was to but a complete rotating assembly for my 340 and stoking it to a 416, the rotating assembly is roughly 1800 dollars for a completely forged bottom end. But the problem with that is finding a trust worthy machine shop in my area thats actually going to put it together right and not charge me an arm and a leg. I don't mind spending the money but I dont want to get ripped off. I live in the Stockton Ca. area. Any suggestions you all can give me would be greatly appreciated, Aj.
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