building a 360, and newbie 360 questions!

i was going to build a 318, but i ended up not being able to get a hold of one. now what i have is a 360 block and crank to work with. i believe it is out of a late 70s truck. i need some advice on how to build it-something street/strip. this is going to be a real budget build, so i would love advice on how to make factory parts work to my advantage. i am hoping for something in the 450 hp range- is this viable for a street/strip 360? i know i'm going to need different motor mounts- is there anything else i will need for a 318-360 swap? i am going to build the drivetrain around the engine, so i am thinking 8 1/4 or 8 3/4, with a 727.
i have the stock set of "J" heads, too. afaik, these heads will work with my build, as long as they are modified a bit. does 10.5:1 sound like something capable to put this out? what's the best way to get to that kind of compression? i have a performer intake as well, and a 770 street avenger carb to put on top. thanks a lot folks!
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