Build up

Now that I have my Duster I am in a pickle figuring out what to do for the engine. I have a low mileage 400 that has been in the family for a while but the car is a 318 car so I could even consider that. I know there was a thread earlier about engine ideas but i hate to burgle his thread so here is mine. Build a streetable 400 w/keisler trans and air OR a 318 w/keisler trans and air? Now i guess the $$$ is no big deal, but as we all know its always a big deal these days, however if i can get things in a kit and find good deals on heads, cam etc...well you all see the idea? So as far as good engine kits and head dealers? Any ideas? opinions? BB? SB? I've never driven a big block A body...always a small block. I'd like to have an engine comparable or better that my 07' daytona. But something I can drive the wheels off of. Thanks a ton and I appreciate the board!!!
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