Bridal Show!!

Coming in a few weeks there will be a Bridal Show at the civic center here in town and seein how times are hard Vic and i are always trying to figure an angle on how to make a little extra cash to spend on a Mopar and i think we have it. Tell us what ya think.
You all know how young ladies have the vision of a prince in shining armour rides up on a white horse and sweeps em off their feet and carries them away to wedfull bliss? We now that some of our ladies here know that aint true we thought we'd set up a booth and give all the young ladies a glimps of reality before they tie the knot. That's what we're going to call our booth." The Reality Booth". We'll have a few ragged looking couches and LOVE seats setting around with boxer short clad grease monkeys laid back scratching their crotches, eating popcorn, farting out loud, playing poker, drinking beer and watching football and hollering "Bring me another beer Baby" " Get them damn kids outa here . I can't hear the game. I didn't want them brats in the first place". This should give them a look into the future at a minimal cost compared to the cost of any divorces that they may encounter should they go through with this wedding. Now on how we're going to charge for our service. We'll have our accountant setting there with calculator in hand and we will get paid on a very small percentage. We'll take into consideration the cost of a divorce, the cost of the wedding, the cost of mental anguish and grief and we will only ask for 1% of that total cost. Should be an eye opener and we should do ok if we can only get them to pay up. Any ideas?
Author: admin