Brake pad recommendations?

Anyone have any recommendations for high performance brake pads for the original K-H brakes?

I am running Raybestos "Professional Grade" Organics (PGD11), which are fine for driving around, with good bite, but faded badly in the mountains on the California Melee last year. I swore I would get something harder before repeating that experience.

Condran says to avoid semimetallics because he's concerned about rotor wear, but now that rotors are available relatively cheap, I'm not worried about that. I'm even willing to use something really aggressive and just swap them back out after the rally.

Summit shows a Power Stop Z26 Extreme Performance Semi-metallic (PWR-26-011) at $71.39, but they are not in stock. Someplace that Google turned up called lists them at $44.87.

Summit also has house brand Ultimate Performance Ceramic pads (SUM-19-011) at $39.95.

I just was informed that Firm Feel lists carbon metallics at $75.

Anyone have experience with any of these?
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