Borla exhaust anybody?

Hey guys,

been looking at alot of different mufflers lately, and i really dont want to go the flowmaster route, even though they are loud...they flow like crap....Ive been looking into some other brands like DNA, Borla, Bassani, etc. and i really like the borla xr-1 mufflers...Borla has a pretty good racing history and the xr-1 muffler is their race muffler...If I was to run an x pipe with dual xr-1's dumped at the rear axle do you think it would be okay for the street? Any of you guys running Borla stuff on your cars? its not a brand talked about much here so im just wondering...I know they are race mufflers so they will be loud regardless, but thats what i want, and hopefully the x pipe will quiet it down (but the dumps wont help that lol)...anyways, just wondering whos running them and what your opinions are:cheers:
Author: admin