black or brass

Many moons ago I removed all the black paint off the top of my radiator, my buddy and I desided that it was a cool and almost free upgrade. Years later I ended up having to get some work done on it and the shop I took it to repainted it black, it has been black ever since. I was in the garage the other night, bored, it was too nice of an evening to just go inside and watch hockey, so I started looking at my old radiator and thinking of days gone by and I thought, I should steel wool the black off it again. Then I started thinking, there might be a reason it is black and maybe I should leave it alone and repaint it black? So my question, stupid as it may be, is there any reason performance or other that I shouldn't strip the paint off the top of my radiator, or should I just repaint the top black? I started playing around a little and took the paint off the numbers and text. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, I think I need to tune up my camera. Thanks.

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