big block AC brackets and pictures

I'm building a 71 swinger 383 with AC.The car was originaly a /6 air car.The air did work perfectly with the /6. I'm doing the compressor mock up on the engine stand know.I reused the original compressor and changed the brackets from a 400 AC car. I managed to figure out how the compressor mounts to the 383 I'm building.I'm having trouble trying to figure out how and where the power steering mounts,does the big block AC setup use it's own
idler/tensioner or does the belt go from the crank pulley ,water pump pulley,
AC compressor pulley and uses the power steering pump bracket to tension the belt for the AC???The AC compressor is a single groove pulley.Do I need a 3 groove crank pulley??Anybody with bigblock AC pictures could you please post them( 14 hours in the garage today on brackets and pulleys,probably 14 more before it's finished)
thanks mike
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