Best cam for combo?

I recently got a got a couple 318's with my Duster, one with 302 heads. I plan on building one up. I'm going to use either the 302 heads or a set of magnum heads on the build. I'd rather stick with the 302's since I have them, but can get a good set of Magnum heads for about $400 shipped (probably less if I look around). I also plan on using KB 167 flat top pistons.
.040 over bore
decked to zero deck height
KB 167 pistons
fed mogul rings
M-1 or Performer RPM air gap
2000 or 2500 stall depending on cam
3.91 gears
Demon or Eddy 750 carb
Headers (TTI or Dynomax)

Now for the cam, which of the following?:
Comp 280H (230 @.050, .480)
Comp XE268H (224/230 @ .050, .477/.480)
Purple Shaft P4452992 (238 @ .050, .474)
Purple Shaft P4120231 (241 @ .050, .484)

Overall combo is based on various builds I've seen on theis forum and elsewhere on the internet, I'm just looking for a compromise between some of more elaborate builds and basic builds.

I know the best will vary depending on what heads I go with (most likely the 302's). I plan on using it for mostly street use and take it to the strip from time to time. I don't have power brakes, and will probably use a lean burn plate, so vacuum is not a big concern. Please help me out with the best combo. I'd like to do a stroker, but not really in the budget right now.

Input appreciated. Thank you.
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