bent frame area

on my 75 scamp the front right wheel had serious negitive caster. i thought it was pbly just a really bad balljoint or the adjusting bolts were loose. turns out the mount for the upper control arms and shock tower is bent down. and part of the frame is dented in. we put o porterpower under it and bent it back and welded it but it just broke the welds off the thin fender and went back to normal. then we took a steel bar and put it on the motor side of the inner fender and bolted it. that works decent but dose not look good lol. i want to figure out a better way to secure it and make it strong. would like a tubular k frame with tubular uca and lca and all come with 'shock towers' and mounts for the uca? i was planning on mini tubbing and 4 link 8 3/4 but i dont want to do all that if it wont go straight and get that tire to were correct. has anyone else had this problem?

i think the car got in a accident with either a teen jumping it lol or a big pot hole. the frame seems pretty straight except for dents and the upc mount area
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