Ball Joint Size

I have a 75 Dart Swinger, 3182bbl a/t p/strg p/brakes, which has front disc brakes, 8-1/4 rear drums. I ordered upper ball joints from the local autozone (Ft Worth TX) and the shaft size of the ball joint is larger than mine? The zone says it is the only one listed for my car. I read their are large and small ball joints, but I thought the difference was front drum brakes use small and disc use large ball joints? The lower ball joints are correct as are all the bushings, upper and lower? How do I order the correct ball joints or do I have wrong spindles/ball joints on my car? The car would not move forward unless wheels were straight, if wheel was turned the right side wheel would turn inwards. First time I've seen this problem. Plus any tips on getting the upper ball jonts out? Any help is appreciated.
Author: admin