Back with a little progress on the ’63 Valiant

Well, I haven't been on FABO much over the past month, we just moved and have slowly been getting things sorted out, then about two weeks ago someone busted out the window in my daily driver and stole my stereo and digital camera that I got for Christmas. After having to pay $175 out of pocket for a window I've been pretty paranoid keeping an eye on things around here since then, not much time for FABO.

Life must go on though, so I thought I'd share what I've gotten done with my Valiant over the past month.

I managed to clean the engine bay up a little to make life a little easier and cleaner. I also continued with my cleaning and started shining up the paint on the drivers side.

I posted up a thread with the before pictures on but here is what it looked like about a month or two ago when I got the car. It had been sitting for nearly a decade untouched...

Here's what I've got done so far and I'm just getting started ;)

As you can tell I stripped and painted the air cleaner, I also did the coil bracket which isn't back on the car yet. I've still got to work on the paint on the other side of the car, though I've only got half of what I'm going to do done to the drivers side so far. I'm doing eveything by hand, it's been hard to get motivated to finish with the 100 degree days of late.

I still don't have the car running yet, still no spark but I'm narrowing down on what the problem by replacing everything in the ignition system, new disty should be here this week and since I think that's the main issue, I should be in good shape. I am hoping to have the car running by August 9th, the date of my local mopar show....I might just make it.

Sorry for the length of the post guys, I'm just so excited that I'm finally getting close with this thing, I'll be so happy to be able to finally drive this big ugly beast. :D
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