Well I finally got my axels yesterday and put them in then went to work(midnites).Now time to put some miles on the new gears(4.10)While waiting for the axels,changed intake from torker2 to RPM air gap also a new 750 holley vac. sec. that a friend has fixed up,new jets,squirters blah,blah.Its idleing o.k but a little lean so i,m going to take it over to him to set up then off to the track.Was running 12.89@108 wanna get to low 12,s high 11,s maybe post a video.Fingers crossed.I,m running stroked 340 (372)dynod 452hp440ftlb@5700rpm.Anybody think the intake will help?also changed8 1/4 to8 3/4 rear now I can launch and lower my 60 ft. from1.8 hopefully to 1.5.:cheers:
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