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Door panel date stamp

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I found this curious, kind of a little bit of history. The date stamp on the door panels. I took them off today to grease the window regulators, they work so much better now, and I found this stamp on the inside.

1967 Sate…

Two 65 coronet 4door parts cars

I have 2 65 coronet four door parts cars one is a 440 and the other is a deluxe , both have good frame rails and cowl ! Lots of good parts pm with needs. Plus I have some two door parts and all the trim for a 440 two door !!!!!’

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1.7 big block roller rockers

Have a new set of 1.7 cat stainless roller tip rockers for a big block. Asking $210.00 shipped in the states.

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Difference between a Sure Grip and a Dana Power-Lok

Just need some info on the difference between them, pluses and negatives.

G3 engine mounts – what’s everyone using?

As the title says, I am interested in what everyone is using for engine mounts as well as how you like (or dislike) them, what if any mods you had to do, etc.

I am putting a 5.7 crate engine and A833 into a 71 Charger and will be using PS (probably Borgeson), Headers (TTI) and a Hydroboost. Right now I am leaning towards the Mancini mounts but am also looking at the Hooker Blackheart mounts. I want to mount the AC compressor in the stock position which I believe is low on the left side…

G3 engine mounts – what’s everyone using?

Can someone please explain tattoos?

Don’t get me wrong, even though I don’t have any tattoos I see a lot of really cool artwork that I can appreciate but why is it so prominent for guys to tattoo themselves up with symbols of death and evil like Skulls, Grim Reapers, Dragons, Demons, Satan etc?? I’m just curious, never could figure it out:realcrazy:

External Oil cooler??

Is this a oil cooler? Disconnected lines and the smaller one seemed pressurized. It is separate from radiator but it looks like the oil that came out of that line was slightly red. the radiator has its own transmission cooler connectors. Related to …