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440 Source discount?

Does anyone know of a discount code or a discount for being an Abodies only member by chance for 440 Source?

1970 340 header pipe

1970 A body 340 header pipe any one got a pair either new or decent use pair?

Small block solid roller

Looking for a solid roller .650 + lift on a 108 or 106….thanks

Finally getting on a job that I had on my winter list. And didn’t get to

I know that from past experience I get 2.5-3 years on my engines before I start getting a water leak out of my water pump mounting points on my engine plate. I had it on my mental “to do” list to remove the plate and reseal everything. Well I got jamme…

I am my worst enemy because………….

I listen to what folks have to say but typically don’t follow.

I used to drink myself to sleep most every night. Whew that was a tough one!

I’ve got to the age where I don’t get up when someone near me farts. Phew.

The 1960’s is still the best gener…

hood hinges

Anyone ever use a different style hood hinge on a 68 barracuda ??
I have a lift off , pin on 6 pack hood on mine and have been looking a diff. hinges for it , the hood has become a pain in the *** to me …

Fratzog painted on 64 Dart trunk?

This looks plain. Should it be Red White and blue?