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Mopar Motor Pop Quiz

IF your engine runs out of oil, or the oil pump quits working….. which is the first bearing to be starved of oil ?
If you add oil, which is the last bearing to get oil ?

intake gasket is sweating coolant?

Hey everyone i recently did my intake gasket around the middle of march and so far havent had any leaks, its been a few weeks since i last ran the engine because ive been busy and tonight i noticed the intake gasket appeared to be wicking coolant on al…

Gas Cap

Looking for correct gas cap for early 71 Duster. Thanks -Mike

Watch this !

“I felt like a woman”

Last trip to doc, my blood panel showed “something” about my liver. So I went over and endured an abdomen ultrasound. Fortunately, there was no kid in there LOL

On a side not the local medical megacorpuluse which gets bigger by the hour, I think, has “changed software.” My doc had told me they would set up a referral, and have them call me. They didn’t. So I called the doc the other day, and she transferred me to “the outfit.” Buy HELL!!! I have no idea…

“I felt like a woman”

4 1/2 or 5 quarts of oil with 1/2 quart of ZZDP?

I will be changing the oil & filter in my 318 shortly. My engine builder told me to include a 16 ounce bottle of a ZZDP oil additive with the fresh oil and new filter.

My question is do I use 5 quarts of oil + 1/2 quart of ZZDP additive?

Or, 4 1…

Rebuilt Engine bearing wear

Hello all. My freshly rebuilt magnum 360 was making a strange ticking type noise. I decided to play it safe and drop the pan to check the bearings. Well they don’t look great. I only checked 4 tonight and I didn’t like any of them. Crank was polished and all bearings were plastigaged. Any help here? Crank still looks perfect from what I’ve seen. Just the bearings seem beat. I have new rod bearings already but how do you replace the mains in the engine? I’ve heard some people do it. I’m…

Rebuilt Engine bearing wear