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Some eye candy for you.

Well the museum is done! Here are some of the cars I have posted build pics on over the years.(Not the Cuda)

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This 1966 Corvette had quite an effect on a girl.

Guys and girls view things differently as we all know. We might go ga-ga over a Hemi Road Runner that really doesn’t flip any switches for a woman. I saw a couple go into a classic car lot filled with awesome muscle cars and classics from the 50’s to the 80’s. The girl/lady was about 28 years old and pretty sexy but not overly so. She knew her cars though. When she got into a 1966 Corvette coupe in maroon, that did it for her. I don’t mean she liked it, it transformed her. All girls want…

This 1966 Corvette had quite an effect on a girl.

71 Roadrunner Rear Valance Cutouts

I need some assistance with the rear valance cutout for a 71 RR GTX.
I am unable to secure a new part, so I was able to get my hands on one with no cutouts.
My plan is to do it myself.
I have my original one which is mangled, so it would be a good test…

McLeod dual disc clutch

Anyone using a McLeod dual disc clutch? I installed one and McLeod states the operating range for the diaphragm pressure plate is .440 to .460 for proper plate departure. I’m using the factory linkage and torque shaft and clutch fork and have around .7…

Will it fit?

G Day All, A quick question on fitting a sure grip 8 3/4" with springs from a 1970 Challenger into a 1965 dodge Coronet 440. Would like to use leaf springs if possible. Thanks for your time and Knowledge. RC

Best way to separate pinch welds

Hi Guys,

I am trying to separate a quarter panel patch I bought. It’s from a scrap car and has been cut with the trunk extension attached to the outer skin. My first thought was to drill out all the spot welds but as I was starting to do this I thought perhaps I should get suggestions from more knowledgeable folks. I need to use the trunk extension and the outer skin so i need a solution that will not damage either panel. Am I on the right track drilling out? I hate to make swiss cheese if…

Best way to separate pinch welds

67 Barracuda fuel line location

Does anyone have an image of where the fuel line runs on a 67 Barracuda fastback?