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1971 GTX, Tawny Gold/Ember Gold

1971 GTX for sale. Asking $58k.

Trans has a leak (likely the torque converter seal, I have a new one, just haven’t had the time), could use new headers.

RS23U1G car. 440 (non-matching ’67 HP block, 727) +.040, forged crank, 440 source pistons, rods, heads. Comp retainers, comp 268HE cam. FAST fuel injection, Aeromotive Fuel tank. Interior all new from Legendary, I just finished the console (not pictured here)

Factory AC car, AC not installed.

More info on request. email to steved033 at…

1971 GTX, Tawny Gold/Ember Gold

Mystery lamp ?

So I am under my dash cleaning up my wiring and I find this wire floating around loose . Its an orange 18 gauge wire … I look it up in the FSM and it says LAMP.
Which lamp ?
This is coming out of the turn signal switch connector on the column . Ca…

“Something” seems to be happening at W Grand and N Spaulding

On a pure whim something triggered me to look at Google maps, the old Grand Spaulding Dodge site. You all know I’m sure it’s been closed for years and now of course “Mr Norm” has gone

There seems to be some sort of activity, and of course these photos are months old…

“Something” seems to be happening at W Grand and N Spaulding

Ron Popeil has landed his last fish


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65 Dart hood lip trim

Looking for a decent hood lip trim for 65 dart. Thanks

Harbor freight towable backhoe review.

Purchased new, $3600.75. Free shipping. Arrived in 6 days via 48 foot tractor trailer. All in one crate, 1800 lbs. Used a backhoe, 4WD w/ 6 feet wide bucket. Wrapped chain around crate and pinioned it against the bucket. Easy peasy. Well crated and pac…

1970 steering lock plate- do I need to remove?

I recently rebuilt my steering column out of my 1970 Belvedere. It was a three speed column shifter that I converted to a floor mounted B&M shifter. I removed all the linkage including the long hollow shaft and collar from within the steering colum…