ASOLUTE Dream car… 6 Cylinder ’70 Duster/Demon

Yessir I wanna do a Duster Again one day. I would Totally want to do it on a Skyline Chassis Six-Speed I6 TwinTurbo AWD.

DUH!!! Um can we say sleepin like a baby.

Everyone would think it just has a Slant 6 UNTILL...


Challenger would See Smoke rush off the Front Tires as the car LAUNCHES.

Right Side Drive!!
Full SuperDrift Suspension.
Speed Accuated Proggressive Front & Rear Spoiler Angles (Perk-up @ 40MPH. Trim down @140
Roll Cage as DIsguised as possible
Complete GOLD Race Interior
WasteGate Ports out Fenderwell style (USA Driver's Side)
GOLD 16" Gragar w BFG's 275s White Letters out (Hoosiers on le Track)
Nismo Big Brake Kit Painted Black
Paint the car Faded Sublime
Matte Black Hood with the letters:
"440 6PACK"
that really says
"4x4turb0 6PACKed"
"Duster Buster"
something cool.. I dunno I will know when I find it. Any suggestions?
And Embarrass EVERYONE on Trackdays...A German & Italian Sportscar Slaying Machine!!!

Completely ReCockulous I know!! But an Incredibly GOOD Idea none the less
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