Are we men/women of our words or blowhard’s?

I know, it sounds a little harsh, but I think it is appropriate.

I just got off the phone with Mrmopartech, Scott Preston. He thanked me for sending the money for the banner I had asked for and let me know he had sent it out. We got to talking as we usually do and he was telling me that I was only the 6th member to actually send him the money for the banner. And I had completely forgotten about it and was late sending the money. This was after a couple of dozen had said that they wanted one or more. He took people at their word and had a bunch made up. He is now out about $400. I don't know about you guy's and gal's but I can't take hits like that. So, if you said you wanted one and haven't sent Scott the money for the banner, IT IS TIME TO PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS. I know this post will probably get me in the doghouse with some people, but it does bother me when things like this happen.

Rant off.

Author: admin