anyone welded up spider gears before??

i got a 73 Dart Sport with a 318 with around 280 or 290hp and its couple to a 727 with no problem handling those numbers. the only thing is, its backed by a 7 1/4 rear end. and people tell me how much they suck and all this and ohh just get rid of that shit buy a 8 3/4. well. i have no money for that at the momment. im tryna get my Dart done. and i might as well blow up the 7 1/4 since its such a pos. so can i weld the spider gears on it to make a posi for temperary use. the posi would be ok for just normal daily driving until i find a new rear so i figure spend a few bucks welding it up and go do some donuts and posi burnouts. what the heck. anyone tried this on a 7 1/4. i kinda would like to do it. but if there that shitty ill have to find a new rear before i can enjoy it. input? thanks
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