anyone ever have a Dodge Rampage??

im thinkin of gettin one. swappin out the 2.2 and droppin in a 318 or smogger 318 with the rear from my Dart. 7 1/4 rearend. Rampages were from wheel drive and probly about 2300 pounds so if i had about 200hp in on that would be fun as hel to drive. plus there small and most have bucket seats. certainly a good reason to give my S10 up. s10 for rampage project. maybe one running. they only made like 27000 thru there whole 82 83 and 84 model years. some were 5 speeds. but still fwd. a lil ricerish. but with a rwd v8. MMMMM. it would still burn tires even with my 2.76 gears
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