Anybody need a Hemi?

Traded around now I got a 5.7 Hemi, problem is I can't afford to set it up in my car. So I'm considering TRADE/SALE to finish my car.

What I have:

04 5.7 Hemi/Trans/Wiring/Computer out of totaled Ram, truck was wrecked in 2006 sat for almost a yr, cranked/driven alittle over a yr ago when a buddy bought it to swap into his jeep. After getting it mounted into his truck it took back burner to New wife/baby.

What I need to finish my car:
mild 340 or 360, trans, and rearend (thats the big stuff)

Interested in all, some, or cash(to purchase items)

Whatcha Got? Oh almost forget to I have overdrive unit to boot.
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