anybody interested in custom door panels?

Im considering selling these door panels,if there is any interest in them.I can make panels for any car with a flat door panel,like most abodies have.Im a custom painter with over 25 years experience,so your only limits would be your imagination.These panels would cost 450.00 for 2 front door panels,2 rear panels,and a rear package tray,painted to match.For an extra 100.00 i will sand,smooth,and paint to match your kick panels that you supply.Of course al shipping charges would be extra.These panels will be painted base coat/clear coat,on the front side.If you prefer to have your panels painted on the rear,i WILL NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IF THEY GET SCRATCHED!In my opinion,once the clear coat cures fully,it is more scratch resistant than the plexiglass,or lexan,wich ever you decide.These panels are being made out of 1/8 inch plexiglass,for an additional 100.00 ill make the panels out of lexan if you prefer.Im using industrial velcro to hold my panles on,along with the factory arm rest base,and everything seems to be fine.If any of you are interested in some panles to set your car apart from all the others at shows,etc,please pm me with your wants and needs.Thanks,Toby

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