Any tips, new to drag racing?

Well I am about 60% sure I am going to get a 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger. It has a 318ci engine w/ purple shaft cam, but getting swapped for a stock 360(yes or no?), 727 trans, 8 1/2" rear, partial tub, 650cfm carb, new electric fuel pump, new front shocks, and hood pins.

What are some first things I need to do? I would like to keep the 318 in until off season, then swap it during this winter. Anything with a $1000 budget I could do with it? I am planning on taking back and passenger seats out and getting rid of a bunch of unneccessary weight. How can I get it ready to be able to take it to the track? I would like to keep it streetable unless I could get away with 7 miles to the track lol. Or get a trailer 8) Thanks.
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