another new guy

Hello everybody. Another old guy that used to drive Mopars back in the day, a 68 Coronet RT and then a 71 GTX. Then got into sports car racing but always paid attention to the muscle car scene as that was my roots. I had a friend that had a Duster and a couple Darts back in the day and I always liked the A bodies. I have been bidding on various cars on Ebay along with looking at the local stuff for sale and it seemed everything was always more than what I had or was more than what I thought it was worth. I turned down a 69 Dart project from a buddy a couple years ago cause I knew how much work and $ it would take..........anyway I won a Duster on Ebay a couple weeks ago. Flew up to look at it yesterday, should be delivered by 2/13 or so. Was a 318 car, now has a 383, 727 and a 3.55 posi 8 3/4. Needs some details finished, the paint is a nice amature job if that makes sense. Should have some fun this summer, woo hoo. My girl friend thinks I am nuts.......
OK I figured out how to resize my pics.........posted one for my avatar, will take some better ones once the car is here!
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