Anniversary Special — 20% off this month

Sorry for the repeat, but I had trouble finding the old "Vendors Ads/Promotions/Links" section on the Forums page for some reason; had to dig out an old post to get to the forum. (That's why I put this month's special under "Events" last week.)

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May is our anniversary month here at PSC, but we’re giving YOU the gift!!!!

For all parts that arrive between May 1 and May 31, 2009, FABO members will receive a 20% LABOR DISCOUNT off our already low prices ON EVERYTHING* ACROSS THE BOARD!!! Engine parts, suspension components, motorcycle/ATV parts and accessories, Jet Skis, boat accessories, hunting and fishing items, house wares, hobby items … anything metal that will fit in our oven.

Check out the website at to see hundreds of work samples in the Gallery to inspire your imagination on your own parts … over 6,500 colors, textures and finishes are available – including custom color matching – to suit every application (even outdoor / high UV-exposure areas).

Take a look at the Price List to see just how affordable custom one-off powder coating services really are. You might be surprised to find out a shop in Tennessee can meet or beat your local guy even with the shipping costs involved. Past customers agree you won’t find better quality anywhere else … read their comments for yourself at

Give me a call or send an email for a free quote. You won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks to all the terrific members of FABO and to each and every prior customer for helping to keep us inspired as we look toward the future and our third year in business. We couldn’t do it without you.

Happy Anniversary from Leanna and Billy at
Phoenix Specialty Coatings

* Sorry, but the 20% discount does not apply to our beautiful high temperature ceramic exhaust coatings. Those prices are as low as they can go every day of the year!
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