Alrighty then – my way ….

Sick of trying to bend tran lines - the car is ready to fire for the first time in three years and I've spent the last three weeks (free time allowing) trying to bend new trans to cooler lines around B&M shifter bracket and TTI's. I'm done - tonight I bought 12 feet of trans cooler line and two 5/8 nipples with 1/8 NOT thread that'll screw right into the trans. Sorry, but I want to drive this car and will re-visit this issue later. I know it's not the best route but it'll get it done for now. I have made no short-cuts on this car and feel I owe myself at least one to make life easier. Any tips or advise appreciated, I know double clamps and secure and protect hose anywhere it may be vulnerable. See earlier thread regardinf the grief :
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