Air compressor minumum.

So I tried rattle canning some interior parts and it looks bad. For some reason it kep spitting paint drops on the part and I want a nice finish.

So I am going to take the leap into trying to learn how to paint. I figured the biggest cost is the air compressor to get started.
I learned a lot from this thread
but the air compressor question is still vauge to me. Memike mentioned 5 HP 60 Gallon.

So my question is, what is the bare minumum air compressor to paint with. Found this one at Home depot
But it is only 3.2 HP

Found this at Harbor Frieght
But it is only 29 gallon. And I hear bad things about Harbor freight quality.

Plus both of these take 220 which means I need to run some new wire at the house.

Is there any good enough that won't break the bank and I won't have to run wire?

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