Advice please..

Well, after owning my duster I am not sure if I want to get involved with such a big project. Neither me or my dad would be capable of doing the body work, and with all the problems it would be 3k minimum...then I need paint, the all the mechanical (and other things...rims, cosmetics, interior). To get a decent driver would take a bit. Here is a link to the car...

I posted it in the FS section with no interest, my dad says the car is worth 2k, but I say about $1750...I know at least one person said that 1.75k is reasonable. But honestly do you guys thing that I could get that?
I honestly would love a dart/duster 72 or below. I would be interested in something like this, a 70 dart, 4.5k but negotiable, body work done and in primer...I am not sure what to do...

Am I dreaming with my price? I would just like to get something more solid of a project.

Oh by the much do you reckon a radiator would run me, a used one...the day I got it they gave me it separate, and we put it on the deck of a cottage my mom has in the next town over, a week later gone.
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