Advice needed for “warming up” my 318

Just bought a nice "Driver" (72 Swinger,318/904) lots-O-plans for the car,but am starting from the bottom up.... the meantime.....

The 318 has been freshly rebuilt(72 block) (stock parts w/.030 overbore)and already has headers on it.

I would like to do the old head,cam,intake,carb,maybe elec. ign.

I figured I'd save myslef alot of hassel and just ask here......I'm sure this has been done thousands of times by folks on here.
So what I am asking for is:
What is the best combo,that gets the most HP (for the money) w/simple "bolt ons" . The car needs to have "daily driver" ability,and not have too radical of a cam (power brakes).(though I love that lopey sound!!)

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

I look forward to the responses....should be interesting!!
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