A518 Kickdown Cable & Mount Help??

Hi, I had a question about the kickdown cable from BPE. I am in the process of putting a A518 trans into my 73 duster, and I am having an issue with hooking up the kickdown cable to the trans. I got the kickdown cable kit from BPE, and the bracket that mounts to the trans seems too short, because with the cable clipped to it, it hits the trans cooler line. It looks like if the bracket was a little taller, it would clear the cooler line, and also be more inline (better angled). I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and how they solved it? Do they make a taller bracket, or could I just put in a spacer to raise the bracket up? Any suggestions would be great. I also had a question about the trans mount that I had made up to hold the A518. The shop that made it for me said it would be more than strong enough to keep everything together. I asked if I should have a flat piece of steel welded up and around the top of the trans to the floor, to reinforce the torsion cross member kind of like the original, and he said no, and that the trans mount he made would be more than strong enough to keep everything together. The mount he made is defiantly very strong a heavy duty, but I was just worried about not having anything going up and around the trans like the original had. What do you guys think, do you think it should be fine? I posted some pics. Thanks in advance for the help and advice.:cheers:

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