A sound energy solution ?

I've learned that we dont really use energy. We can only change its form. Every end result is heat regardless of what the energy strated as or how it is transformed. Polution and green house gasses may be reduced or eliminated but the heat will remain. So if we are causing global warming we will continue to (I think).
Anyway... Some seek alternative fuels for the things we've already created while others create new things that run on new energy types.
Solar and wind seem to be most persuded today, but what about sound ?
If the boom box in a ricer can shake every car at an intersection and the sound of thunder can shake my house why can't sound move a generater ?
I've been pondering these things ever since first seeing Pixars Monsters Inc.
(screams collected for energy). Sure its just a cartoon but..
weren't helicopters along with nearly everything else first seen in comics ?
I'm not suggesting we make our children scream. The sound from an insect may be all that's needed.
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