A few parts

I don't sell much, so as far as postage I'll do my best to get the cheapest and let you know what it is. My zip is 12203. Thought someone may have a use for these:

Hurst stick, some marks, not perfect, I'm told it was from a 66 Barracuda, its about 6-7 inches up and 8-9 inches out: $50
Dome light wiring for a 68 Barracuda, I bought it hoping it would fit a 67, not really sure it is for a 68: $40
76ish A-Body heater, one rivet pulled out of the fiberglass on the door, otherwise looks good, never used it, 3 studs through the firewall, mine needed 4, shipping on this might be tricky, prefer possible pick-up/delivery: $50
The rest make an offer; heater controls for a 66?, Autogage gauges, tach has a small crack in lens near the eight, I just noticed it, they all worked when I took them out:

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