A-Body Moser axles NEW–Direct from Moser-M/E to have 10-15% price increase Jan. 1st

If you have been thinking about buying parts from Moser Engineering, you may want to before January 1st. I am a Moser Dealer and have sold some axles on this website. I will still be able to offer Moser products at discount prices for you after Jan 1st, however they will obviously be higher. For example, the $255/pr axles I have been selling on this website could go as high as $329/pr. If you would buy direct from Moser you would be talking $359/pr!!! I appreciate the business i have rec'd up to this point and look forward to continuing it in 2009. If you have any further questions email magicmannkp@rock.com. Thanks again. Trevor @ 5 star muscle parts.
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