A-body axles going like Hot-Cakes–still have plenty

New A-body big bolt pattern axles
Brand new Moser Axles for sale.
Brand new alloy ABody replacement axles 4 1/2 Bolt Pattern $255/pr
5 Star Muscle sells Moser Engineering Big bolt pattern a body replacement axles for $255/pr--$329 loaded with green bearings and 1/2 studs. These are genuine Moser Axles. These axles are manufactured in the US. Moser does not advertise these axles. They only advertise their contingency paid axles with their logo on them that retail for $315/pr. These axles are suitable for cars 500hp and under. So, if you want Moser axles without paying for their race axle, this is a great option. Once these run out Moser will no longer sell them!!!! Magicmannkp@rock.com for questions and inquiries. Thanks again. TP. 5 star muscle -- Your A-body only rearend source.=P~
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