904 trans mysterious ticking sound and introduction

Hi there fellow Mopar lovers and apreciators.

I'm not completely new to Mopar having owned 3 w200 Powerwagons. Most recently an awesome '79 Club Cab with a mildly modded 360. Unfortunately it's just too much truck for the small streets of The Hague where I live and I found myself making 3 point turns just to turn into a street!

Anyway, I am purchasing a '73 Dodge Dart that's in relativly good shape at the end of this week. I've had thorough look at the chassis and floor pans, rock solid. The only rust is in the rear wheel wells so it shouldn't be too bad a "poor mans resto".

My goal is to get the car looking menacing in flat grey with some chunky tires and chrome wheels and dark windows.

First however, the mechanics of it need to be in order.

It has a 318, which by the fact that it's been painted orange was at least lifted if not retrofitted. I've yet to get the vin for the definates.

The 318 has a 2bbl, Hooker Headers and a 2.75" true dual exhaust with Raptors at the end.

Motor runs well, needs a bit of tweaking and a bigger carb.

The trans, and thus this part of the forum:

It shifts ok, a little late, I'll check the linkage.

Here's the problem:

When you apply throttle or release there is a sound I can only describe as a marble dropping on the ground or a spoon being hit on a tin in a bouncy manner. Apply throttle and you hear 'tick......tick....." it's quite slow, release throttle and you'll hear one tick. Sometimes the tick is followed by a sort of whirling sound. Not very pronounced but enough to worry.

I'm told it's a 904 transmission.

I'd like to prevent any further damage or isolate the issue.

Any ideas would be greatly apreciated!

Some pics of the beater:

Obviously the homebrew scoop gotsta go!!!

But mechanical first....

BTW, IF my tranny needs a rebuild I'd prefer a four speed manual, anyone done a swap? Other than the obvious in terms of plumbing for the clutch is it a tough job?


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