904 removal

As I've stated previously my 904 is shot.

The interesting sounds it made to be heard here:

If you feel so inclined please tell me what you think the noises are, I plan to rebuild the trans if necessary once pulled, though I suspect more and more it's the torque converter playing up.

My theory now is that the TC was dying and not building up sufficient pressure.

The transmissions current behaviour is to do nothing in all gears, lol.

I can get the car rolling, start in N put quickly in D or R and hey presto gear engages slowly, to much throttle and it slips out of gear. It was enough to get me home. Sometimes I can 'trick' it by giving the accelerator a quick jab and then it will slip back into gear. Doesn't shift out of 1st though!

Anyway, I've gotten a working and tested (by me) 904 w/ TC and flexplate out of a donor vehicle, however the PO pulled it.

This guy is not a friend of mine so I got to test it and 2 days later picked it up. No chit chat.

I don't have a garage and will be renting lift space to do the swap so I want to be prepared and have to get it done right in one go. Could somebody be so kind as to give me a play by play of the 904 pull/replacement process, what to look out for, be carefull of etc. I'll be using the converter that comes with the replacement trans but want to refresh it's fluid. Drain and then refill with a quart? I'm replacing the fluid even though it's nice and pink, the filter and gasket too. Also a new trans mount is going in.

So far I figure I've got to:

Pull the starter
Disconnect/remove driveshaft
Disconnect trans fluid lines
Disconnect kickdown linkage (anyone got a DIY kickdown cable how to?)
Remove exhaust at headers
Remove belhousing bolt to motor
Remove tailshaft area trans mount

What am I missing? What are the possible pitfalls of this job?

Thanks in advance

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