904 high gear drum 5 or 6 clutches

Ok I finished the transgo tf2 last night and started the trans overhaul today. Every was going along smoothly until I started to install new clutches and steels in the high gear drum. I pulled out 5 clutches/steels, I installed 5 new ones and had way to much clearance between snap ring and reaction plate. I removed and re-counted pulled 5 old out installed 5 new no change so I installed orignals clearance was in specs. so just for the hell of it I installed a 6th clutch and steel - installed reaction plate and snap ring. clearance was in specs. ...... so question is do I go ahead and run the 6 clutch set up or use 5 clutch and look to get a thicker reaction plate to correct clearance.

I'm using a complete mopar performance a-904 oh kit comes raybestos clutches and steels
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