8-3/4 742 Gear Noise? Other Problems

I bought what was suppose to be a rebuilt 742 case 8-3/4 third member. Suppose to have new bearings, rebuilt clutch suregrip and new yukon 3.55 gears. The seller said he bought it rebuilt and it sat for a year and never used it, then sold it to me.

Anyways, I bolted it in this weekend, right away I get a few drips from the pinion seal area after filling the rear with Royal Purple 75-90 Max-Gear. I thought little of it (dry seal maybe) and drove the car for five minutes, right away I notice gear noise but only on deceleration/coasting. Is this normal? After I get back I notice lots of gear oil has been lost via the pinion seal area (it was on the exhaust even). Also the SG was chattering when I went around corners at low speeds on the way back, is this normal (I think I lost about a half quart)? Do you have to pre-lube the SG, our will it get enough lube from filling the rear? Is it a royal pain to replace the pinion seal and yoke? Whats the best at-home method? And gotchas?

So, I plan to remove the third-member next, and check the gear pattern, do I have to check the pattern under load, or just spin the yoke a couple times?

Also, should I just try to return it for a refund (internet purchase), or are these simple problems that can be remedied?
Author: admin